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The City of Wayzata, MN is a vibrant and growing community located 11 miles west of Minneapolis.  Wayzata is the gateway to Lake Minnetonka! The 2013 Census estimate puts the city’s population at around 4,217 residents.  The city offers numerous churches, organizations, parks, beaches, arts groups, a strong local chamber and more. People move to Wayzata in large part because of the lifestyle that includes recreation, walkability, privacy, convenience, the location, the surroundings, and because it is family and dog friendly.


Downtown Wayzata at night at the Corner of Broadway and Lake Street.

In the interests of serving our community the best we can, this website is what we believe to be one of the most straight forward and easiest resources to use when hunting for Wayzata Real Estate. You can find what your are looking for very easily–and that is by design.  If you are thinking about buying in Wayzata, please visit the following links:

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If you are thinking about selling, please consider listing with Wayzata’s Best Listing Agent. The first step in getting your property sold is to request a market analysis to determine the value of your property.

Shaver Park during fall in Wayzata, MN. Image copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Shaver Park during fall in Wayzata, MN. Image copyright 2014 Wayzata Inc. All rights reserved. The Trappers Cabin was moved from 324 Bushaway and is believed to be one of the first structures erected in the area. It is located at the corner of Grove Lane and Ferndale Rd.

Wayzata is such a unique and wonderful place with a charming downtown area featuring a blend of historic and new development. Residents and visitors are able to enjoy a variety of dining options at local restaurants, along with retail options by both proprietors and the Fortune 500. You can lean on Gustafson & Coldwell Banker Burnet when your are planning to relocate to Wayzata, MN / Lake Minnetonka area.

Historic Neighborhoods of Wayzata

Dan is a member of the Wayzata Historical Society, and much of the information provided on our pages is due to the efforts of Joanie Holst, Sue Sorrentino, and all the members who generously donate time, treasure, and history to the community. Thank you for all of your efforts!!! Other significant resources include: Happenings in Wayzata by Ellen Wilson Meyer and History of Wayzata 1854–2004 by Chuck Schoen.


The Historic Neighborhoods of Wayzata include a number of areas that were platted by Oscar E. Garrison:

Ferndale Neighborhood

The Ferndale Area includes: Ferndale Road, Harrington Road, and Pillsbury Drive. It is an are steeped in tradition by historic and palatial homes of the rich and famous. The name suggests luxuriant growth and coolness.

Ferndale Road estates are shown in the background of a sailing event held on Wayzata Bay.

Ferndale Road estates are shown in the background of a sailing event held on Wayzata Bay.

Ferndale was settled during Wayzata’s Gilded Age by John Stevens Harrington and his cousin John Harrington Stevens. Past and present residents include members of the Dayton family, the Pillsbury family, the Pohlad family, the Burnet family, (of Coldwell Banker Burnet) and more. Homes within the area consist of an eclectic mix of old world charm and new construction with the potential for an out dated or undesirable  structure young or old to be razed and rebuilt with little if any regard for costs associated. Many times homes on Ferndale are associated with Wayzata Bay Homes for Sale.

Amenities to these kinds of estates have and can include: lakeshore on Lake Minnetonka, a main house, one or more guest houses, a garage / stable / carriage house, a boat house, and more. Typically, the finest properties are set back from the road and screened from public view by hedges, trees, and the like. (2) (WHS Archtictural Survey)


This figure guards a gate on Ferndale Road.

Highcroft Neighborhood

Highcroft is another prestige area that came into existence during Wayzata’s Gilded Age from 1867 to 1929 and features domestic architecture, craftsmanship, landscape architecture, leisure / recreation, and prominent residents. (3). It was also part of the early suburban development of Wayzata, according to the Wayzata Historical Society. The area is located to the north of Ferndale and to the South of County Road 15 and Wayzata Boulevard. Highcroft takes its name from the Frank H. Peavey estate, a Georgian Style mansion which was architecturally famous–razed in 1953. The origin of the word Highcroft is from the Old English, meaning an enclosure or upland farm.

The Highcroft neighborhood includes both Highcroft Road and Highcroft Lane, Peavey Road, and Peavey Lane, and is adjacent to Bovey Road and Ferndale Woods Road. Other nearby streets inlcude Grove Lane East which is adjacent to the Marina, and Hillside Drive.

Arlington Neighborhood

The Arlington Neighborhood in Wayzata consists of the area to the East of the Wayzata Depot, and in 1853 Alfred B. Robinson mades his claim there on the site where the Arlington Hotel would stand.  Contains much of the commercial corridor of East Lake Street, Shady Lane, and Eastman Lane. Arlington Lane crosses into the East Neighborhood adjacent to the Landing Hotel and Condominiums and connects with East Circle Drive, Circle A Drive, Central, and LaSalle Street.

Arlington Circle runs north and south adjacent to the Wayzata Community Sailing School and Wayzata Yacht club from Lake Street to the Ordinary High Water Level where the ‘Lil Beach’ is located–also known as the winter access to drive your vehicle onto the surface of the ice.

The Landing Hotel & Condominiums on the East end of Lake Street--part of the orginal Arlington Neighborhood in Wayzata.

The Landing Hotel & Condominiums on the East end of Lake Street–part of the original Arlington Neighborhood in Wayzata.

Old Holdridge / West-East Holdridge

Named after Florence Holdridge Babcock, who’s husband C.H. Babcock was good friends with James J. Hill upon completion of the newer Wayzata Depot downtown train station. These areas abut the Arlington neighborhood as well as occupy lands to the eastern most part of Wayzata and South of Highway 12 / 394.  Old Holdridge was near the Wise Boat Works (Central and Wise) which has been subdivided into three new homes sites recently after the original Wise House was moved.

Streets that most people would characterize as being part of the Old Holdridge Neighborhood may or may not include: LaSalle Street, Hampton Street, Reno Street, Lacher Street, portions of Bushaway Road, Holdridge Road East, Holdridge Circle, Holdridge Road West, Crosby Road, Holdridge Terrace, and Hill Road to name a few.

The Wise house-of Wise Boat Works fame is pictured as it rolls down the middle of Lake Street in Wayzata in the early morning hours as part of the preservation efforts by the developer, the City of Wayzata, and the Heritage Preservation Board.

The Wise house-of Wise Boat Works fame rolls down the middle of Lake Street in Wayzata in the middle of the night as part of the preservation efforts by the developer, the City of Wayzata, and the Heritage Preservation Board.

The Wise house-of Wise Boat Works fame rolls down the middle of Lake Street August 11, 2015. Image copyright Dan Gustafson. All rights reserved.

Locust Hills

Bordered by County Road 101, McGinty Road, and Grays Bay in the Cities of Wayzata and Minnetonka, the Locust Hills development is an upper bracket neighborhood with 44 slips on Lake Minnetonka and Grays Bay. The property was developed by Locust Hills Development, LLC, and led by Peter Pflaum who handled marketing and sales.

According to a Weekly News article, the 70 acre estate had been owned by a group of Wayzata business owners who operated the house as a country club type establishment with swimming pools, tennis courts, and a riding stable and barn with riding competitions over the years. In the late 1930’s W.R. Sweatt (Chairman of the Board for Honeywell) and his family purchased the property.

45 acres of the land has been set aside as open space, and there are also significant wetlands and a lagoon located on the property. There are 4.705 linear feet of shoreline on Grays Bay and 2,464 feet of shoreline on the inlet.

Wayzata Highlands

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Summit Park

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Chevy Chase

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Margaret Circle

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North Wayzata

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Bluff Neighborhood

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Harmony Circle

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Gleason Lake

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Wayzata School District Real Estate

Wayzata Schools offers a fantastic education for your children, as the institution consistently ranks highly for academic achievement, college preparation, A.C.T. scores, activities, athletics, advanced placement, A.P. Courses and more. The district serves part or all of the following communities:  Corcoran, Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, Medina, Minnetonka, Orono, Plymouth, and Wayzata.

If you are looking for real estate in Wayzata School District #284, then these links are for you:

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Wayzata MN area Real Estate by street / area


  • Union Terrace Lane real estate and homes for sale in Plymouth, MN.

Wayzata Mortgage

Getting a mortgage when buying or refinancing your home can be a daunting task. Of course it’s much easier if you educate yourself on what actions, assets, credit and income you are going to need and how much house you can afford prior to entering into home buying activities. This is often why you will hear Realtors ask their clients to get a complimentary and no obligation mortgage consultation prior to looking at houses.

Invariably, Realtors and clients who are out looking for property without a pre-approval find the perfect place Sunday afternoon at 3:30, right in the middle of the Mortgage Brokers lazy Sunday afternoon even as he or she has already worked 65 hours during the week.  It’s important to establish that relationship early on and set the tone for receiving the best service and advice you can from an experienced professional.

There are also a number of actions you should take and should not take when headed towards closing your home loan. You can read more about the Top 8 things to avoid when closing on a home loan here.

Elisha and I work with a number of qualified mortgage brokers whom we trust to take care of clients. Call me for a referral, and I’ll be happy to make it based on your circumstances.

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